Xpress All Welded Boats

Xpress Aluminum Fishing Boats

The Original All-Welded Aluminum Boat

It was such a simple concept, but difficult to actually put into practice. Why drill holes on boat hulls and rivet them together? Holes leak, wood rots and your investment deteriorate over the years. Xpress Boats was the first to build by welding and as we approach 50 years and tens of thousands of boats built, you will find that the first is still the best. We build a sound foundation that you will appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

  • The finest 5052 aluminum alloy arrives at the Xpress Boats plant in coils.
  • Each aluminum coil is unrolled onto a cutting table where boat components are precision cut using an automated computer-aided drafting (Auto CAD) program. Each individual part of your new Xpress Boat is perfectly cut every time.
  • The individual boat components are then taken to one of our break presses, where each part begins to take shape.
  • After each component has been properly shaped, they are placed in storage racks, ready to be welded into your new Xpress Boat.
  • Meanwhile, skilled craftsmen begin welding the hull together in preparation of bringing all of the components together to make your new Xpress Boat.
  • The hull and components are all welded and married together without any rivets and screws. Every void in your hull is filled with premium, environmentally-friendly expandable foam. This process adds both strength and floatation to your new Xpress Boat.
  • To ensure peak performance and handling, every hull is checked for smoothness by our Quality Control team. By doing this meticulous inspection, you know your new Xpress boat will effortlessly glide across the water.
  • With the welding and foam process completed, each new boat is moved into our state of the art paint prep area and a comprehensive cleaning process begins in preparation to painting.
  • Your new Xpress boat is painted with one of our custom formulated paints, and moved into one of our enormous temperature controlled ovens to cure the finish.
  • After curing, your new Xpress boat is moved into our Rigging Department where all the final components are installed. Once again, Quality Control inspects your boat.
  • Once rigging is complete, each boat is placed on a custom BackTrack trailer. Finally, an optional Yamaha motor may be installed, completing the building process.
  • Upon completion and final inspection, your new Xpress boat is moved into our 50 acre storage yard.
  • Finally, your new Xpress boat is carefully loaded and transported to your local dealer for final prep and delivery to you.

Hyper-Lfit ® Hull

The Xpress Boat Hyper-Lift® hull is a marvel of engineering excellence, providing a lightning fast hole shot, unbelievable turning and a smooth steady ride. The beauty of the exterior belies a tough all-welded, all-aluminum foundation that is the keystone of the Xpress Boat line.

Hydro-Dynamic (HD) Hull

The Xpress Boats Hydro-Dynamic hull is the muscle of the XP Series. Interconnecting longitudinal ribs and all-welded aluminum supports, provides the HD hull with solid performance in virtually any water conditions.

HD Jet Tunnel Hull

The Xpress Boats HD Jet Tunnel hull is built around our durable Hydro-Dynamic Hull and complimented with our custom designed tunnel affording sportsmen access to shallow running streams and rivers with jet drive motors.

Pad V Hull

The Xpress Deep V Hull design has been engineered for 3 critical factors when operating in harsh, big water conditions: Comfort, Performance and most importantly Safety.

AWD Hull

The Xpress Boats AWD hull affords the outdoorsman a steady platform for either hunting or fishing. Each hull is crafted on the foundation of our Hydro-Dynamic Hull capable of handling either an outboard or a surface drive motor offering maximum performance and stability in all conditions.

Bayou Hull

The Xpress Boats Bayou Mud hull is the perfect match for today's surface drive mud motors. Featuring an extremely shallow draft, this hull is designed to slide over submerged objects and vegetation, and through mud. Xpress Bayou Boats designed tough, loaded with xcitement!

If you have any additional questions or would like to know more about Xpress Boats please feel free to contact us anytime!